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Corporate Philosophy

Relying on technological innovation and pursuing excellent quality.

Sense Of Worth

Let quality express the dignity of elegance. Quality not only refers to product quality, but also includes the comprehensive optimization of products, personality, goodwill, services, and the cultivation of quality culture and the creation of quality environment. Personality is the quality and dignity of a person. Mingya people should reflect their sense of pride and dignity with high quality!

Corporate Mission

To provide customers with excellent products and technical services, Mingya focuses on customers and pursues excellence in products and services. Excellence means meeting customers’ actual and potential needs with high-quality products, and extending from product quality to work style and technical services. With meticulous manufacturing and sincere service, it achieves users’ peace of mind and joy.

Talent Outlook

The sea embraces all rivers, allowing dragons to soar; A thousand boats race to set sail, allowing the heroes to compete first. The company’s talent perspective has two meanings:

One is to recruit talents and showcase their talents on prestigious platforms; The second is not only about kinship, but only about virtue. Let people do their best and only then do their wisdom.